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Jennifer Dunham hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where seasonal chaos infamously disrupts an otherwise calm and laid-back lifestyle. From a young age, she was able to discern what would weather the storms of life; which are usually excellent craftsmanship, patience and a good sense of humor.

In college, Jennifer was given the opportunity to study in France, travel much of Europe and take a RTW design internship in Los Angeles.  After graduation, she moved to New York City to assist editorial beauty experts in SoHo.

Her background has lent a discerning eye and a penchant for avant-garde ideas. After several years of creative side projects, she launched her brand in 2016 with a vision, a gulp and two crossed fingers.

.Jennifer's eponymous collection is a fusion of structure and movement, stirring unexpected form and earthy sensuality into classic, everyday pieces. 

All jewelry is handmade in New York.  Stones are hand-cut the old fashioned way. Ready-to-Wear (coming soon!) is more than likely sewn by the meticulous designer herself in a studio in Brooklyn. Brick by brick, we're building a design house, but we are just a studio for now.